Celeste creators Maddy Thorson, Noel Berry and Lena Raine have made and released a sequel to the original 8-bit game that spawned the hit platformer.

Revealing Celeste Classic 2: Lani's Trek on Twitter, the trio also divulged that they made the game in just three days to celebrate Celeste's third anniversary. The sequel casts you as new hiker Lani, and rather than air-dashing, you'll be using a grappling hook to traverse the levels. 

The original Celeste actually started life as a browser-based 8-bit game, also formerly entitled Celeste, that was eventually spun out into the wonderful game we know and love released in 2018 (at which point the original was then renamed as Celeste Classic  to differentiate the two.) In fact, Celeste Classic can be found as a hidden bonus in Celeste, if you know where to look.

Creator Thorson had previously said that they were "sending off the characters and world of Celeste" in 2019's Farewell DLC, so this is likely the closest we'll get to a full follow up to Celeste any time soon (although an extensive patch containing no new content but plenty of tweaks is also in the works), but the studio's next title—codenamed EXO1—is currently in development. 

You can play Celeste Classic 2 in browser now or download it here from Itch.io.



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