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Capcom producer responds to Project Resistance criticism from RE fans

Capcom producer Matt Walker has addressed the discontentment surrounding Project Resistance, the latest Resident Evil title that is an asymmetric multiplayer survival game (via Wccftech). 

Four survivors with unique abilities must coordinate and cooperate to escape the Umbrella Corporation’s biomedical experimentation facility. One Mastermind watches the team from the network of security cameras, placing traps and monsters in their path, switching off the lights and locking doors. The survivors must complete puzzle style mission objectives to escape before time runs out and their fate is sealed. But, the Mastermind has one final trick at their disposal: using up a significant portion of resources, they will deploy Mr X and take direct control to hunt down the allies. It seems to be an excellently tense game of cat and mouse, but the cat has a lot of creatively cruel switches and buttons, and the mice have special powers to buff teammates and reveal helpful items.

But, upon Project Resistance’s unveiling at Tokyo Game Show last week, not everyone matched our enthusiasm. Fans were upset that Capcom is prioritising a multiplayer experience rather than the next core installment of the Resident Evil storyline. Capcom producer Matt Walker cleared the air regarding Project Resistance and the publisher’s future ambitions for the Resident Evil IP in a series of tweets. 

Josh hopes that Project Resistance does make it to release, because he thinks the game could be a peaky blinder. He also wants desperately to pretend to be Albert Weske so that he can inflict hell on four strangers just trying to make it out of the facility alive, and wear sunglasses inside.

Project Resistance will launch for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and a closed beta will run from October 4 through October 7. 


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