Josh Wise by on Jul 29, 2021

Capcom hits record profits, thanks to Resident Evil Village

Capcom has achieved record profits for the first financial quarter of 2021, thanks to Resident Evil Village.

The company’s net sales and revenue is more than double what it achieved at this point in 2020. Along with Resident Evil Village, Monster Hunter Rise played a large part in the success. That game has sold over seven million copies, while Village has sold over four million.

According to Capcom’s first-quarter financial report (via VGC), net sales rose by 104.1% compared to last year, totalling 48.4 billion yen ($440 million). The company’s overall net income rose by 121.9% to 17.3 billion yen ($157.5 million).

Capcom put out a statement, in which it attributed the success to its “continued pursuit of digital sales growth.” While also taking into account “a major new release in its flagship series Resident Evil Village.” And its “catalog titles such as Monster Hunter Rise,”

Resident Evil Village is a strange game. Reviewing it for VideoGamer, I was quick to praise its gunplay but lamented its lack of scares. “In theory, it is a survival horror—the genre that Resident Evil helped to carve out—though little of its horrors have survived.”

Monster Hunter Rise, meanwhile, was terrific—the best Monster Hunter I’ve played. “It’s difficult not to be bowled over,” I argued. “As you watch a feline chef and his staff caper through a culinary ritual of song.”

I stand by it.


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