Capcom has revealed more details about this November's Resident Evil 6, including a location, when it takes place, new controls and a partial list of characters.

Resident Evil 6 sees Chris Redfield head to China, predominately the fictitious coastal town of Lanshiang. This all happens in 2013.

Anyone hoping for a return to Resident Evil's survival horror roots might be displeased to hear that the game will allow for shooting while moving, while there's also new roll and cover mechanics, as well as enhanced melee attacks.

As for the confirmed cast of characters, so far Capcom has only confirmed Leon S. Kennedy, Helena Harper, Chris Redfield, Ingrid Hunnigan, and Adam Benford. There's also a character Capcom is referring to as "the mysterious third protagonist," but we do know that he's a mercenary who is told he's the man to save the world, and seeks to make money from this prophecy.

Capcom also describes the zombies in Resident Evil 6 as different from those encountered in previous games, but their ability to "run", "jump at you", and "even use weapons" makes them sound rather familiar.