Can You Have Two Loadouts in Warzone 2?

Can You Have Two Loadouts in Warzone 2?
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As you progress through a Warzone 2 run, there’ll be plenty of weapons you’ll come across which you can use to fill your Loadout. But more often than not, you’ll be faced with the tough choice of having to drop a firearm for another. Because of this, players frequently ask whether you can have two Loadouts in Warzone 2. Read on to find out.

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Can you have Two Loadouts in Warzone 2?

Warzone 2 does allow players to earn additional Loadouts by clearing multiple Strongholds, which are enemy AI controlled areas, or by picking up another from Loadout Drops. The first group to arrive at a Stronghold will have to either defuse a bomb or clear out the opposition. A total of three Strongholds will be activated after the first circle collapses in a match.

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If your group clears a Stronghold first in Warzone 2, you’ll be given a key which can be used to access Black Sites. These are more dangerous versions of Strongholds which contain more difficult enemies and a Juggernaut boss as well.

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If you and your group are able to clear it, however, the rewards you’ll receive will be significant. Each player in your team will obtain a permanent Weapon Blueprint that can be used in any other game mode. Additionally, your team will also receive a number of Legendary weapons which can be used during the match. Finally, your team will be granted an enduring UAV of the Black Site area until the circle collapses on it.