Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth showcases eerie Signalis-like setting in reveal trailer

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Esteemed video game publisher Annapurna Interactive has now given us a look at one of their upcoming projects entitled Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth through a reveal trailer as part of their summer showcase. The short reveal trailer for the upcoming cyberpunk adventure gave us a look at its dystopian setting along with the story’s eerie mood and the protagonist’s isolated nature.

According to the game’s Steam page, the events of Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth takes place between the original film and 2049, during which most Replicants had already been tracked down. Of course, a Blade Runner’s job is never really finished so this entry’s plot will revolve around an as yet unnamed protagonist and what they would do if there weren’t any more genetically-engineered humanoids to hunt.

If the game’s premise has you intrigued, then you’ll unfortunately have to remain patient indefinitely as Annapurna Interactive hasn’t provided a release date just yet for this project. Luckily, the latter portion of the preview has revealed that it’ll be available on both PC and console, meaning you should be able to experience it no matter what system you prefer playing on.

Apart from a few snippets of its design, though, not much else was shown throughout the course of the short clip as it seems that the game is still undergoing a few finishing touches. But with Annapurna Interactive’s track record being as brilliant as it is, fans naturally have high expectations for this particular entry as the publisher has already provided us with a memorable slew of similarly themed games like Stray, Journey, and Outer Wilds.

While you wait for more information regarding the game to be revealed by the developers, we suggest checking out the Blade Runner 2033 Labyrinth reveal trailer in the meantime so you can dissect it for yourself.

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