BioWare currently has unannounced games in development, studio co-founder Ray Muzyka has told Gamasutra. The projects are of varying sizes.

"There are also some unannounced products that are going to be coming out that we haven't announced yet of varying sizes," said Muzyka.

"EA is giving us tremendous support," he added. "We're able to grow in a careful way that allows us to be entrepreneurs and deliver the quality that fans expect the whole time."

"So, it's a pretty exciting time to be doing this. There are so many cool things going on across our group. It's a lot of fun to be part of that and to be able to play all these different games and to be able to deliver different kinds of content for our fans."

BioWare is currently known to be working on Mass Effect 3 (due in early 2012) and Star Wars: The Old Republic (late 2011) and premium DLC for its titles.

What else could BioWare be working on? Mass Effect fanboy Martin hopes the studio is working on Baldur's Gate 3. Do you think his wish will come true?