Publishing behemoth Electronic Arts is reportedly under criminal investigation by the Belgian government, after the company failed to adhere to the country's gambling laws by tweaking FIFA's random loot boxes.

EA isn't the only company required to take action, of course. The likes of 2K Games, Blizzard, and Valve have taken steps to ensure they comply with Belgium's gambling laws by removing loot boxes in their respective titles.

The move comes following the Belgium Gaming Commission's ruling back in April that loot boxes are an illegal form of gambling, citing examples such as FIFA 18, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

However, EA has yet to do anything about its loot boxes, and therefore has found itself under investigation by the Brussels public prosecutor's office, according to Metro. As a result, EA could find itself in hot water if the case goes to court. 

Loot boxes have been the subject of major controversy in recent months, with by far the biggest outcry coming over Star Wars Battlefront II. Things got so bad that EA temporarily removed them from the game, although by that point much of the damage had been done.

Not all countries share Belgium's stance on loot boxes, though. France for example ruled back in July that it does not consider them a form of gambling, while the UK reached a similar conclusion last year.

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