Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 1.2

Battlefield 2042 Patch Notes 1.2
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EA has released a new patch for the troubled Battlefield 2042 – just over half way into Season 1.

Dubbed 1.2, the fixes bring a host of improvements  – with the most notable change coming to the Kaleidoscope map, which has been reworked to improve gameplay.

EA has strategically repositioned cover to help ‘ensure that the map evolves throughout the duration of each round’.

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It’s hoped the changes will provide both Attackers and Defenders with new options when playing in key areas.

Another welcome change comes in the form of being able to view in-game stats and performance – which now will show information such as current Rank, XP required towards the next Rank and the associated unlocks.

Here’s the full list of highlights, taken from the Battlefield website:

  • Kaleidoscope has been reworked to offer an improved gameplay flow through new cover assets, flag positions, terrain elevations and visual updates to several locations on the map
  • We are introducing the first Style and Tone change for our Specialists, which includes several updated character models
  • The power of the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal 30mm Cannon has been reduced by making it overheat at a much faster rate. This will help to limit their impact on infantry and bring it more inline with our balance
  • A Player Profile and Statistics page is now available in-game. It provides an overview of your performance and progression since launch
  • Aim Assist on Controllers has been adjusted to ensure it feels smoother and more consistent while tracking moving targets
  • The BSV-M Full Auto mode now receives an accuracy penalty, and High Power rounds now lose damage faster over distance

The full Battlefield change log can be seen here