Battalion 1944 has officially joined Steam early access, developer Bulkhead Interactive has announced. The game will retail for £11.99 and those of you who supported the title during its Kickstarter days will receive some extra goodies in the form of skins and cosmetic loot crates.

'It’s no exaggeration that Battalion 1944 is the game I’ve always wanted to make,' commented Bulkhead Interactive's Studio Lead, Joe Brammer. 'We’ve enjoyed success at Bulkhead before, but we’re all gamers who grew up playing the best FPS games, so the idea of making one that stripped things back to the competitive nature of the shooters of old has been a dream come true.'

Battalion 1944 is designed to capture the feel of classic shooters from the 90s, while benefiting from the visual flare associated with modern titles. The WWII-based outing enjoyed a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, where it reached its goal of £100,000 in just under three days.

Prior to launching on Steam early access, Battalion 1944 enjoyed a beta session that ran January 19 through January 21. 

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