Baldur’s Gate 3 community’s hype for the RPG “outweighs Starfield”

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Baldur’s Gate 3 fans are in for a treat as the next entry is set to be one of the biggest installments in the series’ history. Of course, with the game currently being in its early access period, some players have already gotten a look at most of what the game has to offer and the glowing reviews that it’s received so far indicate that the third main line game is already more than what most people had previously hoped for.

As the hype surrounding Baldur’s Gate 3 continues to grow ahead of its release date, fans have now started heading to various social media sites in order to express their excitement for the upcoming open world game with other like-minded individuals. One user named TheMostHatedCritic even created a Reddit post saying their excitement for the third entry “outweighs Starfield.”

A majority of the commenters below the same thread expressed similar viewpoints as one person stated that they’re more excited for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty than Starfield. However, another responder observantly pointed out that they “don’t really understand this comparison” because “it’s apples to oranges.” The same user would go on to say that “Starfield looks [like] a shooter with RPG elements” that’s “set in space,” after which they’d describe Baldur’s Gate 3 as an RPG that’s almost “in its own category” since it’s “set in a medieval universe” and is also inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.

Of course, with Larian Studios’ track record being as impressive as it is due to their critically acclaimed Divinity series, it’s only natural that Baldur’s Gate 3 fans feel this level of excitement for their beloved series over other AAA titles like Starfield. With the game yet to be fully released, though, all we can do now is remain patient to see if it’ll be worth the wait. But, based on the early player impressions so far, it seems that all of the hype will eventually be justified on opening day.

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