Turtle Rock Studios and Warner Bros have shown off the first gameplay of the developer's upcoming co-op zombie shooter Back 4 Blood in a new trailer that harks back to the development team's most famous title with Valve, Left 4 Dead.

We're introduced to our four player characters in the trailer known as The Cleaners, and they'll be taking on the infected hordes known as The Ridden. Plot wise, a parasitic Devil Worm is the cause of the infection which, has also resulted in some special Infected we get to glimpse at in the trailer, including one that spits a sticky goo to trap unlucky survivors, one with a very strong arm and an enormous colossus that certainly threatens to make life harder for our heroes.

Developer Turtle Rock has also revealed that the game will get a closed Alpha to run on PC next week from December 17, with interested parties being invited to sign up on the game's official website over here. The game first came to light following a joint announcement from publisher Warner Bros and Turtle Rock back in June 2019.

Back 4 Blood is currently scheduled for a June 22, 2021 release on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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