Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora
by on Jun 18, 2021

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora studio Ubisoft Massive loses its managing director

David Polfeldt, the Managing Director of The Division and the recently revealed Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora studio Massive Entertainment has announced he’s stepping down from his position at the Ubisoft studio next month.

A post on the Swedish developer’s website announced the news, saying that Polfeldt was “moving on to pursue other challenges at Ubisoft.” According to the post, he’ll take a six-month sabbatical before returning to Ubisoft “in a new strategic role”. He was at the company for 17 years, and spent 12 of those as Ubisoft Massive’s managing director.

Polfeldt himself adds: “Seventeen years ago I joined a small Malmö-based indie-studio in a role that the founder defined as ‘Mister FixIt’. Little did I know what a roller-coaster adventure it would become!”

The studio has spent several years on Tom Clancy’s The Division series, but picked up a bunch of new projects in recent months. These included the aforementioned Avatar game tie-in to the James Cameron movie series, but also a new open world Star Wars game, announced in January.

Polfeldt mentioned that project in the latter half of his statement, saying: “When we signed Star Wars, and finally completed our beautiful building Eden in 2020, I felt an overwhelming sense of completion, as if I had achieved everything I once dreamt of.”

“Standing on the solid foundation of The Division, Avatar, Snowdrop, and Ubisoft Connect, the studio is in fantastic shape, and I am exceptionally grateful for what we have accomplished together. Before I embark on a new adventure in Ubisoft, I will try something else which is new and exciting to me: a long break! Wish me luck, and see you in 2022.”

A spokesperson for Ubisoft has told Axios that the company has already appointed a successor for David and they “look forward to sharing more details at a later date.” Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is currently pencilled in for a 2022 launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.


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