Arkham City structure has ‘never been done before’

Arkham City structure has ‘never been done before’
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Rocksteady Games co-founder Sefton Hill believes that Batman: Arkham city is doing something that has ‘never really been done before’ in the action genre – attention to detail on a big canvas.

“We never had any desire to make the biggest open-world game ever. Our goal was to take the care and attention to detail that made Arkham Asylum work, and apply this same philosophy to a much bigger canvas. We feel that it’s something that’s never really been done before,” Sefton reveals in the September issue of Edge.

“The reason we wanted to move to a more expansive location is that we felt it would fundamentally allow us to increase the feeling of being batman, and a key part of this was adapting the structure of the game.”

“Most action games fall into two categories – they’re either a hand-crafted, tight, focused package or a sprawling open world filled with generic content. We felt there was a really interesting middle ground, with the best of both approaches.”

Batman: Arkham City uses a very similar hub-based structure to its predecessor, but applies it to a much bigger world.

“We wanted to create a city absolutely crammed full of gameplay and story everywhere you turned.” Sefton explained.

Batman Arkham City is due for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC October 21.