Ark Survival Ascended PS5 release date, time countdown and price

Ark Survival Ascended PS5 release date, time countdown and price

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The long-awaited ARK Survival Ascended is already out in early access format on Xbox consoles and PC, but it is now finally joining Sony’s system. There have been bumps in the road to joining consoles, but the very good news is that it’s releasing on PS5 earlier than expected. Studio Wildcard has shared the ARK Survival Ascended PS5 release date and time countdown, and here is everything you need to know about when it will come out and how much it will cost.

As a complete remake and reimagining of ASE using Unreal Engine 5, ARK Survival Ascended is packed with new features. However, again, it is not a complete product as it is currently early access only. Studio Wildcard has shared a release schedule for maps in their roadmap for 2023/24, so more content is coming, but there could be delays. A major postponement to know about is the release date for ARK 2 getting pushed to the end of 2024.

Studio Wildcard initially delayed the game’s arrival on Sony’s console, but that delay has now been removed because the game is coming out before the end of November as originally planned.

ARK Survival Ascended PS5 release date

The release date for ARK Survival Ascended on PS5 is November 30th. This has been confirmed by Studio Wildcard in their newest statement shared on survivetheark Twitter. Sony players should be ecstatic as the developer’s previous statement said the game was getting pushed to ‘early December,’ meaning it is actually joining Sony’s console earlier than expected.

It was originally set to be delayed because of classification issues with Sony but said delay is now mute as the game is coming out in late November as originally intended. One of the best aspects of the game is that it supports crossplay between PS5, Xbox, and PC with cross-platform mods. There are over 250 mods for the game, and all of them can be downloaded on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This is a fantastic luxury console players usually don’t get, and it will allow them to customize and enhance their experience.

ARK Survival Ascended PS5 release time countdown

The release date and time countdown for when ARK Survival Ascended will come out on PS5 is 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT. Again, this is confirmed by Studio Wildcard. While these are the launch hours for the game, Studio Wildcard says servers will remain offline for a few hours. This is so everyone has ample time to download the game so everyone has a fair chance to join and experience its brilliance.

ASA PS5 release time US

  • 9 AM PT on Wednesday, November 30th
  •  12 PM ET on Wednesday, November 30th

PS5 release time UK

  • 5 PM GMT on Wednesday, November 30th

How much does ARK Survival Ascended cost?

The ARK Survival Ascended price on PS5 is £37.49/$44.99. This is how much the game costs on Xbox as well as Steam for PC. It is not possible to pre-order ASA from the PSN store as you will only be able to buy it on PlayStation once the release time passes. In addition to this price, it’s important to note that ASA is not on PS4 as it is current-gen only for consoles.


When is ARK Survival Ascended coming out on PS5?

ARK Survival Ascended is coming out on PS5 at 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 5 PM GMT on November 30th.

How much does ASA cost?

It costs £37.49/$44.99.

Is ASA crossplay between Xbox and PS5?

It supports cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox, PS5, and PC.

Is it on PS4?

It is not on PS4 as it is current-gen only for consoles meaning it is restricted to PS5 for Sony.