The Apple versus Epic Games saga continues, as it transpires that Apple is now counter-suing the Fortnite creators in the latest development in the two companies ongoing fued.

As reported by CNN (and spotted by VG24/7) the tech giant filed the counter-suit (PDF link here) last night, and accused the game developer of "self-help and subterfuge" and called Epic's methods of bypassing the Apple Store by allowing players to spend money on the in-game store within Fortnite as "commission theft" and even going so far as describing the implementation as a "Trojan horse".

Apple are said to be seeking monetary damages, and a ruling from the judge that Epic's actions did indeed consistute a breach of contract. Epic themselves, meanwhile, are currently refusing to comment on the matter, instead referring CNN to its earlier statements in which it referred to Apple's policies as giving them a "monopoly over in-app payments on iOS".

It's the latest chapter in the ongoing battle between the two companies, which has already seen Epic take a direct shot at the company with its #FreeFortnite campaign and also has resulted in Apple terminating Epic's developer accounts a few weeks ago. It looks like this argument has a way to go yet; we'll continue to try and keep you in the loop as best as we can.



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