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Apex Legends will introduce a duos mode for its 70 million players

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Respawn has announced a limited-time duos mode for the battle royale Apex Legends, after EA proclaimed the game to be its ‘annual shooter’ in a Q2 2020 earnings call (via VGC).

Apex Legends has plenty of references to Titanfall, but don’t expect a new game to come out any time soon. EA’s chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen was asked about the mecha-shooter in the aforementioned earnings call and assured that it is still a possibility. ‘We really want to keep the team hyper-focused on Apex because we see there’s so much opportunity there, so I can’t give you a sense of if and when [Titanfall 3] will come, but it’s still a great brand and we certainly won’t forget about it down the road,’ he said.

Meltdown, the title of Apex Legends third competitive season, began on October 1. With it came a new world, Crypto, the Charge Rifle, and new cosmetics in its battle pass.

Apex Legends is out now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Apex Legends

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February 4, 2019