by on Jul 5, 2021

Apex Legends hacked in protest over Titanfall server hackers

Players trying to play Apex Legends over the weekend were having a tough go of it, thanks to hackers trying to get the attention of developer Respawn to address hacking issues with the studio’s original game, Titanfall.

As spotted by the Apex Legends News twitter account and reported by Kotaku, the hack —which reportedly affected both console and PC players alike— would prevent players from joining a game with in-game banners and messages redirecting them to the website The website in question appears to be of a segment of the community who believe that Respawn have all but abandoned the original Titanfall, leaving it rife with hackers and players unable to finish matches due to DDOS attacks.

It’s also claimed that Respawn and EA are committing fraud by continuing to sell the games while they’re in what the Save Titanfall website calls an “unplayable” state.  The website and its admins however, claim no affiliation with the attacks on Apex Legends, with a banner on the top of the website reading “This website, nor the Discord Servers listed below, are in no way associated with the recent Apex Legends hack” with those responsible seemingly acting alone.

Respawn have been spending a lot of the last twenty-four hours fixing the issue with Apex Legends, and as of this morning have published a server update that they believe to have fixed matchmaking early this morning and thanked players for their patience. As for the Titanfall server fixes, the studio responded back in June that it was working on it, and that its teams “won’t stop working on this until it’s solved across each of our games.”


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