Alan Wake Remastered showcases Xbox upgrades in new Comparison trailer

Alan Wake Remastered showcases Xbox upgrades in new Comparison trailer
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Remedy Entertainment has held up a torch to the visual upgrades of Alan Wake Remastered with a new comparison trailer.

The footage compares the original game running on an Xbox 360 with the new version on an Xbox Series X. In doing so, it brings the 4K upgrades into stark focus, including the re-worked cutscenes and new character models.

An accompanying Xbox Wire post also offers up some more insight into the remastering process seen in the trailer. The team at Remedy worked with co-development studio d3t, who’ve previously worked on the Shenmue I & II and Mafia II remasters. They took the original game, and catalogued its entire contents, before breaking it down into its core parts.

Character artists went back to the original game’s reference materials to rework the cast of over 30 characters. As a result, the models themselves, Remedy say, should look more like the actors they were based on. In addition, significant upgrades were made to facial animations, complete with new rigs. All-in-all, Remedy say over 600 additional poses were created for characters, making them seem far more realistic. The game even had a dedicated team to work on just the trees and foliage too!

Alan Wake Remastered will run at 4K in 60FPS on the Xbox Series X. Meanwhile, the Xbox Series S will run the game at 1080p in 60FPS. Of course, the PlayStation didn’t get the original release at all, so it’ll be entirely new if you’ve never experienced the game on Xbox or PC.

Check out the comparison trailer for yourself below. Alan Wake Remastered lands on October 5 on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.