A secret The Division 2 boss had been overlooked for more than two months, but it turned out that the trick was to shoot up beehives in the Manning National Zoo, as reported by IGN

The Agony, the kingpin in question, had escaped the notice of The Division 2 players for a while. He was added with the DC Outskirts: Expeditions DLC that came out in late July, and Massive Entertainment were stunned that no one had found him. Developer Trick Dempsey specifically said so in this week’s State of the Game livestream, and checked to ascertain that no one had stumbled across The Agony. 

‘I felt really strange that we're doing, “Hey, here's a bunch of new bosses here inside of Manning National Zoo,” when people haven't even found all of the bosses in Manning National Zoo,’ he remarked, before offering cryptic clues as to The Agony’s hideout. Dempsey and stream host Hamish Bode said that players will need to ‘do some things’ in ‘a football field's length’ of map, wherein Division agents would be ‘doing nothing’ in the first instance. With those weird hints in hand, Bode speculated that players would work it out some time next week.

In fact, the solution was found less than two hours later. Reddit user ArcLight079 posted their step-by-step encounter to The Agony, and YouTube walkthroughs appeared soon after that. So, what you have to do is: firstly, shoot up five beehive exhibits found after the crocodiles and before the monorail. One is opposite the entrance, one is by the ocelots, one is up high next to the wolves, one is adjacent to the butterfly display, and one is in the maintenance zone behind the monorail entrance. 

Once you’re done killing the bees, head to the butterfly exhibit and take a look at the panel next to it. After that, The Agony will appear to bring you a world of hurt and to be honest, you deserve it. You’ve doomed the planet to ecological disaster with mindless slaughter of bees.

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