PlayStation 5 Showcase
by on Sep 2, 2021

A PlayStation 5 Showcase has been set for next Thursday evening

PlayStation has announced that it will be holding a PlayStation 5 Showcase next Thursday evening, promising a glimpse of the “future of PS5”.

As per the PlayStation blog, the broadcast will take place at 9pm UK time on Thursday, September 9. The forty minute show will include “updates from PlayStation Studios” and a look at games releasing this holiday and beyond. It’ll be followed by a deeper dive from some of the teams featured in the presentation.

The choices are a plenty as to what might be shown. Presumably there’ll be another look at how Horizon: Forbidden West is coming along after being delayed into February. While relatively close, we can likely expect some extra news on Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Deathloop. Fingers crossed there’ll be some surprises up their sleeves too.

One thing we won’t see, however, is the next generation PlayStation VR system. In the great tradition of managing expectations, PlayStation say that the new headset won’t be making an appearance this time.

We don’t have too long to find out what they do have to share. The PlayStation 5 Showcase broadcast will take place on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch channels on Thursday, September 9 at 9pm UK time. We’ll keep you abreast of the biggest stories afterwards as soon as we can.


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