A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in the works at Destruction AllStars studio

A new Twisted Metal game is reportedly in the works at Destruction AllStars studio
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It’s being reported that a new Twisted Metal game may be on the way from Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games.

That’s according to Video Games Chronicle, who cite “sources with knowledge of Lucid’s plans”. The new title has just started development, according to those sources, and may be built around a free-to-play model. Part of the reasoning behind this, it’s said, is related to how Destruction AllStars launched onto PlayStation Plus earlier this year.

The hope appears to be that the game will launch in time to coincide with the upcoming live action Twisted Metal television series. A couple of weeks ago, it was announced that The Falcon and the Winter Solider star Anthony Mackie had been tapped to play the lead role. Though the series is apparently aiming to hit screens in 2023, no specific date has been announced.

We’ve not seen a new Twisted Metal game for quite some time. The last outing for the series was 2012’s reboot for the PlayStation 3. The series’ original director David Jaffe responded to rumours of a potential reboot in a YouTube video last month. He said that while PlayStation had reached out to him about the television series, they hadn’t brought up any game. However, he also mentioned that PlayStation hadn’t contacted him on the 2018 God of War reboot either.

There’s been no official confirmation from PlayStation on this rumour at the time of writing, so of course take this rumour with the required level of salt. We’ll let you know if any official Twisted Metal announcement comes to light.