Fidget Spinner Simulator, an indie Steam title developed by Redsquare Studios that sells for $1 (Well $0.99 to be accurate), has just released a piece of DLC that costs $30. You may want to get a move on though, the DLC price is actually discounted from its full price of $50 for a limited time

The real question is what do you get with this DLC? Paying $30, or £17.99 in Good Ol’ Blighty, unlocks the Premium Member DLC which consists of a premium gold plated fidget spinner and a gold-plated vape. So you too can whirl your fidget spinner and vape your dank mod, premium stylee. 

The developer has responded to criticism of the DLC writing on the Steam Community page, ‘It's easy not to buy the DLC right? Nobody is forcing anybody’. The developer signs off each comment with Pepe the Frog or Donald Trump emoticons, which gives you an insight into how serious they’re taking it.

Fidget Spinner Simulator lets players ride around on a hoverboard, vape (but not really, because this doesn’t actually work yet), and twirl a Fidget Spinner about. Some of the users have complained that many of the game’s features are not working. The fidget spinning requires little skill,only requiring the player to toggle it on-and-off, and the hoverboard often falls into the scenery. Camera issues are also prevalent, and when the player tries to ride over bumps, they instead bump into them. Despite various issues with the game, its user review score is Mostly Positive, at time of writing. Wonder what they’ve been smo-vaping?

Fidget Spinner is out now on PC.