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A Dead Space revival is rumoured to be in the works at EA Motive

Dead Space EA Motive
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Rumours are circulating that EA Motive are working on a revival of an established EA IP, with a possible return for survival horror series Dead Space.

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That’s according to Gamesbeat’s Jeff Grubb who made the comments during the latest episode of his Game Mess broadcast on Friday. As reported by VGC, Grubb stated on a previous episode back in March that the Star Wars Squadrons studio were working on “an established IP”. He also claimed “I think you’ll be happy.”

During the latest episode, he elaborated slightly more, saying we’ll get to see what they’ve been working on during this July’s EA Play Live event. He also teased “We’re going to see it, if we’re not dead first” which appears to be the indicator that we’ll be returning to the boots of Isaac Clarke and the Dead Space universe.

The series hasn’t been seen since 2013’s Dead Space 3, which saw the series try and embrace co-op in a divisive change in direction to a more action focus. Original developer Visceral Games was reportedly in the midst of creating a new Star Wars game when it was closed by EA in 2017.

EA is, as you’d expect, yet to comment on the rumour. However, it wouldn’t be the only classic EA franchise making a comeback of late, with Skate 4 confirmed to be in production during last year’s EA Play Live. We’ll probably have to wait until July 22 to find out if EA Motive will give us another chance to get terrified all over again by Necromorphs, should Dead Space return.

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