How to claim XDefiant Twitch drops rewards

How to claim XDefiant Twitch drops rewards
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  • Link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts before watching a participating stream.
  • Earn rewards by watching 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 hour 30 minutes of a stream.
  • Gain three rewards once a week for six weeks from May 21, 2024.

Ubisoft’s arena shooter promises tight firefights and they’re bringing some sweet rewards along with their Preseason content. You’ll be able to earn Twitch drops once a week, letting you grab some neat weapon skins. They’ll ensure that you stand out from your friends and foes once the game is out. Here’s how you can redeem them.

How to get Twitch drops

To get these drops, here’s what you need to do:

  • You need to link your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account here
  • Watch XDefiant gameplay from any streamer’s Twitch channel from May 21, 2024, for rewards. You can earn three rewards each week, handed out when you watch 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 hour 30 minutes of a stream. Watching a stream for 1 hour 30 minutes will grant you the rewards of the previous tiers.
  • You can then find these exclusive weapon skins and XP boosts in your Drops and Rewards section. Head to your Twitch inventory and pick ‘Claim Now’ to add them to your game.
  • Now get into the game and equip these skins on your weapons in-game before a match.

In April 2023, players could access Closed Beta Access Twitch drops like the Violet D50 and MK 20 SSR skins. Ubisoft also offered Violet skins for the M870 and M249 during its Open Session in June 2023.

A chart covering all the Twitch drop rewards for the game.
Here are the rewards you can expect from watching streams. Image via Ubisoft.

All Twitch drop rewards

XDefiant’s Preseason started on May 21, 2024. If you weren’t a part of its playtest sessions, use our tips and tricks to understand its mechanics before diving in. Ubisoft is offering six weeks of rewards for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players, with three rewards per week. Here’s a list of all the free rewards you can earn:

DurationReward for 30 minutesReward for 1 hourReward for 1 hour 30 minutes
All-Star Series FinalePump Action Victory AnimationNANA
Week 1 (from May 21 to May 27)Weapon XP boosterMorganite M4A1 Weapon SkinViolet M4A1 Weapon Skin
Week 2 (May 28 to June 4)Weapon XP boosterMorganite M9 Weapon SkinViolet Vector .45 ACP Weapon Skin
Week 3 (June 4 to June 11)Weapon XP boosterMorganite M870 Weapon SkinEmber M16A4 Weapon Skin
Week 4 (June 11 to June 18)Weapon XP boosterPelagic M9 Weapon SkinEmber Vector .45 Weapon Skin
Week 5 (June 18 to June 25)Weapon XP boosterDisruption M60 Weapon SkinEruption MDR Weapon Skin
Week 6 (June 25 to July 2)Weapon XP boosterAmber M44 Weapon SkinPelagic Vector .45 ACP Weapon Skin
A table with all the Twitch drops.

Are the rewards worth it?

Yes, these Twitch drops are worth the effort. Watching supported streams for 1.5 hours per week will let you unlock a total of six weapon XP boosters, 12 weapon skins, and one victory animation. Weapon XP boosters can help you unlock new customization options for your guns. Pair that with unique in-game rewards and you’ll get a headstart against your friends when it comes to showing off the best gear. Taking a look at professional livestreams will also help you understand the game’s combat.

What if your Twitch drops aren’t working?

Some players on Reddit weren’t able to earn rewards in-game via Twitch drops. One potential fix is to disconnect your Twitch account from your Ubisoft account before reconnecting them together. This resolved the problem for some users as the items appeared in their inventory after some time.