All WWE 2K24 match types – new and returning modes explained

All WWE 2K24 match types – new and returning modes explained
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With only a few days to go for WWE 2K24, we now know all the match types in the game. In addition to some returning favorites, there are some new match types with reworked mechanics as well.

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New match types in WWE 2K24 explained

With fighting enhancements and overhauled mechanics, here are all the new match types in WWE 2K24.

Two wrestlers are on top of an ambulance in WWE 2K24. Image from 2K Games.
Two wrestlers are on top of an ambulance in WWE 2K24. Image from 2K Games.

Ambulance Match

Ambulance matches have punctuated the rivalries of some of WWE’s biggest superstars. Knock an opponent out and toss them into the back of an ambulance. It’s fairly similar to the coffin in the Casket Match. But there are some interesting differences. For instance, the ambulance doors can be used to get in a quick hit against an opponent. You can even climb on top of the ambulance and then dive towards an enemy for maximum damage. As for closing the ambulance in the final moments of the round, you need to close both doors to win. This gives an enemy the chance to fight back twice. But that makes victory feel even more satisfying.

Backstage Brawl

While this isn’t a new mode, this can now be added to matches of Tag Team, Triple Threat, and Fatal 4-Way. This makes for more matchups of all kinds and is a welcome improvement brought by WWE 2K 24. It might not have the allure of an ambulance or casket but teaming up against superstars is always an exciting prospect.

A wrestler is lying in a coffin in WWE 2K24. Image from 2K Games.
A wrestler is lying in a coffin in WWE 2K24. Image from 2K Games.

Casket Match

Made famous by the Undertaker, the Casket Match is among the more interesting modes in WWE 2K24. It’s been used in rivalries against countless wrestlers like Randy Orton and even the Undertaker’s brother Kane. To win, incapacitate the enemy wrestler to the point that they can be placed into a coffin. Brutal methods are on the table and you can even drag the wrestler outside the ring for some extra damage. Closing the coffin is itself a minigame and requires some quick tapping.

Gauntlet Match

Fans of fighting games like Tekken 8 and Mortal Kombat 1 will feel at home in this elimination-based round. You’ll keep facing several opponents, up to 30 superstars in fact. Modes like Turmoil Match and Eliminator Match add even more adrenaline into Gauntlet. While beating a single opponent itself is a challenge, Turmoil tasks you with facing a team, one opponent at a time. As for Eliminator, it functions similarly to Royal Rumble. Additional superstars enter the ring at periodic intervals. The last wrestler standing wins the bout.

A man wrestling in a WWE 2K24 ring.
A man wrestling in a WWE 2K24 ring.

Special Guest Referee Match

While this isn’t the first WWE game to let players don the shirt of a referee, WWE 2K24 dials things up with an overhaul. Instead of just monitoring activity, you can give warnings for foul play. Referees can even eject managers and anyone who interferes in a match. WWE 2K24 also lets you switch between wrestler and referee to see how things are on the other side. This can also be used to tinker with the outcomes of a match. The likenesses of officials in WWE have also been added to 2K24 so you can fight against the negative actions meter in any way you like. Fail to keep things civil and your boss will replace you. It’s an interesting twist on this role of authority.

All returning match types in WWE 2K24

In addition to these new modes, expect plenty of returning match types. From Royal Rumble to the classic Steel Cage, here are the returning match types in WWE 2K24:

  • Normal
  • Falls Count Anywhere
  • Extreme Rules
  • Ladder
  • Table
  • TLC
  • Hell In A Cell
  • Steel Cage
  • Iron Man
  • Last Man Standing
  • No Holds Barred
  • Submission
  • Tornado Tag
  • Mixed Gender Tag
  • Battle Royal
  • Elimination Chamber
  • Handicap
  • War Games
  • Royal Rumble
  • Tournaments

Tournaments include old variants like Tag Team, Dusty Rhodes Classic, and Mixed Match Challenge. That covers all the match types in the game. MyRISE is another career mode that offers the men’s Unleashed and women’s Undisputed divisions to fight in. And MyGM lets you trade superstars, handle contracts, and beat rival general managers. The game might feature some surprises when it’s out so stay tuned for the latest updates. To learn more, check out the full WWE 2K24 roster and its Season Pass.

WWE 2K24 modes FAQs

How many referees are in WWE 2K24?

7 real WWE referees have been added to the game. Other characters can be used as referees as well.

What is the difference between the casket and ambulance matches in WWE 2K24?

The ambulance doors need to be closed to win and can be used for attacks. As for the casket, only the coffin needs to be closed.