Where to buy PlayStation Portal

Where to buy PlayStation Portal
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Sony’s remote player has been unleashed and, to help you get your hands on it, we’re breaking down where to buy the PlayStation Portal.

The PlayStation Portal lets you harness the gaming power of your PS5 and take it on the move throughout your house. This is perfect for anyone who has to share a living room or who simply wants to play in a different room.

We’re expecting demand to overwhelm supply for this one, with many places already listing the device as out of stock. If you want to ensure you can order one, we’d recommend checking as many retailers as possible. To help make this easier we’ve compiled a list of them below.

Where to buy PlayStation Portal in the US & UK


Gamestop have got stock for the PlayStation Portal at the moment, so it’s worth trying there.

PlayStation have also said that they’re going to be bringing in stock for the Portal in Early December.


A lot of the big retailers are already listing the Portal as “currently unavailable”, or “out of stock”. If all of them are saying this for you, this does not necessarily mean that all hope is lost. Keep checking back and refreshing the page and you might be able to get through. We’re also working to get a PlayStation Portal stock tracker up and running to make the process even simpler, so keep your eyes peeled.

It seems as though anyone with a PlayStation Portal pre-order made the smart move – If you’re in the UK, you’re going to be able to try to find the PlayStation Portal on Amazon and other retailers, though the PlayStation store might be your best bet. At the moment, it seems as though the handheld is sold-out across the country, aside from at Argos.

Although this isn’t necessarily a condition of its popularity, it seems as though there was only a very limited launch in the UK to begin with. Hardware releases in the UK often coincide with scalpers looking to take advantage of the market, so it’s possible that third-party resellers will try flipping the device ahead of the incoming holiday sales. Make sure you know the Play Station Portal price, so you don’t end up paying an extortionate rate.

Will the PlayStation Portal be back in stock soon?

It’s hard to say when the PlayStation Portal will be back in stock in your region. Despite supply chain issues having been resolved in recent years, PlayStation’s hardware has seen rocky launches ever since. The PSVR 2, for example, saw a shaky release, while the PS5 had itself been notoriously difficult to get hold of.

If the Portal is out of stock in your region, as it is in the UK, you’re probably going to have plenty of chances to pick it up ahead of Christmas, which is likely going to be when the console’s popularity makes itself clear.

Frequently asked questions

There are a few questions about the PlayStation Portal that seem to keep coming up. We’ve done our best to answer a few of them here.

Is the PlayStation Portal sold out?

The PlayStation Portal is already sold out on many tech retailer’s sites, with gamers finding it increasingly hard to get their orders in for the device. This is thanks to limited stock and an extended pre-order period, coupled with the popularity of the accessory itself.

Can you buy the Portal on the PlayStation website?

Yes, you can buy Portal from its creator via the PlayStation Direct Store, however, the console is listed as unavailable in both the US and UK at the moment. Even if you do get through, you are then limited to one per person due to high demand.