Playstation Portal stock tracker for the US and UK

Playstation Portal stock tracker for the US and UK
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Finding stock for the PlayStation Portal is virtually impossible at the moment. Much like what we saw with the PS5, there’s a very limited stock upon launch.

Following its announcement back in early May, there was a lot of focus on the Portal. The design wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, nor was its purpose. Yet, there’s still a strong portion of people out there who have a pretty strong need for the console. Resultingly – it’s out of stock from most retailers.

If you’re looking for PlayStation Portal stock, avoid looking on sites such as eBay. Scalpers are partly responsible for the limited stock, and listings have already begun that increase the MSRP absurdly. Stick to reputable first-hand retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and others for the assurance you’re paying a fair price.

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Still struggling? Try the Backbone

The Backbone is a fantastic alternative to the PlayStation Portal. It turns your smartphone into a PlayStation Remote Streaming device by plugging it between a controller.

Where can you find PlayStation Portal stock in the US

PlayStation Portal stock tracker
PlayStation Portal stock tracker

It looks as though PlayStation Portal stock will be returning in early December in the US.

As we saw with the DualSense Edge and PSVR 2, the official PlayStation Direct store is the best place to pick up your PlayStation Portal. It was, unfortunately, the first place to run out of stock. Other places you’re going to be able to pick up a PlayStation Portal (when it is back in stock) are Best Buy and Newegg.

Amazon listings for the PlayStation Portal have been popping up frequently, though they’re quickly snapped up. Your best best looking for one is there.

PlayStation StoreUnavailable
Best BuyUnavailable

Where can you find PlayStation Portal stock in the UK?

The PlayStation Portal remote player is on sale and available to track its stock.
The PlayStation Portal remote player is on sale and available to track its stock.

The PlayStation Portal has not seen a great variety of stock recently. Slightly before holiday sales, the PlayStation site slated that there would be stock towards the end of November. Now that time has passed, it’s looking less and less likely it’s going to be available.

There might be some stock in the US, but it’s looking like a different story entirely for the UK. All retailers are currently sold out of the PlayStation Portal, including Game and Currys.

PlayStation StoreUnavailable

It’s worth mentioning that while there’s no stock from official retailers, sites such as eBay and others have listings for the product. These aren’t retail listings, though, and you should be careful when dealing with these. Many of them will be offering scalped prices and they’re likely from resellers who have no interest in the console whatsoever. Avoid, if you can. If you really can’t – consider looking for a Backbone One deal instead to satiate your remote play cravings.

When will the PlayStation Portal be back in stock?

Early December is when the US is expected to see PlayStation Portal stock again, while there’s no saying when it could be back in the UK.

It’s hard to say for certain. You will be able to set up Amazon stock alerts with different online services such as though. There’s a good chance that PlayStation will want to have some live stock by Christmas at the very least.

We’re going to keep this page updated with stock for the PlayStation Portal. Retailer such as Amazon and Best Buy will likely add new stock, and we’ll let you know as soon as possible. In the meantime, you might want to consider having a look at the best handheld games consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the PlayStation Portal out of stock?

It’s likely that there wasn’t a huge amount of stock to begin with. There will likely be more as time passes, though.