What is daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative? Here is what our tests show

What is daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative? Here is what our tests show
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If you’re an avid Fortnite Creative player, then you probably already know that you can get a massive amount of XP from some of the maps. And since the more XP you have, the higher you’ll climb on the Battle Pass, so you have good reason to want to play some of these maps to level up fast.

However, you can’t just get infinite XP in Fortnite Creative as there is an XP cap, but it’s not exactly clear what that is. So if you’re wondering what the daily XP cap is for Fortnite Creative, we’ve put together this handy guide to tell you what you need to know.

Daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative: Sparkle Specialist gaining XP in Fortnite Creative
You can get massive XP drops from some maps in Fortnite Creative. Image taken by VideoGamer

Is there an XP cap in Fortnite Creative?

There’s not technically an XP cap in Fortnite Creative, and you can continue receiving XP endlessly in the game. However, there is a point at which the rate you receive XP reduces by a huge amount, making it nearly meaningless to keep grinding, making the daily quests and missions you do in Fortnite Creative fairly tedious.

If you’re playing Fortnite XP maps that allow you to level up passively, this cap shouldn’t bother you too much. You will be gaining XP either way while you’re away from your PC or console, but once you hit the soft cap, it will go at a much slower rate.

✓ Fortnite leveling tip

You can level up much faster on alternate accounts

If you have more than one Fortnite account, you will receive much more XP on your alternate account that’s not very active. The account will have more Supercharged XP, meaning you’ll be able to level it up rapidly. Our tests have shown that less active accounts get up to three times more XP.

Additionally, it appears that the XP cap is shared across multiple Fortnite modes. If you play Battle Royale and level up multiple times, you’ll hit the cap faster. Due to this, we believe that Supercharged XP affects the Fortnite Creative daily cap as well.

To gain as much XP as possible, you’ll have to wait for it to reset. The daily XP cap resets every day at 9 AM Eastern Time, allowing you to level up faster.

Daily XP cap in Fortnite creative: A player gaining 966,028 XP in Fortnite Creative.
Despite claims the XP cap is 200K, it’s possible to get far higher XP drops. Image taken by VideoGamer

What is the daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative?

The daily XP cap is actually a little confusing in Fortnite Creative. In the past, Epic Games stated that the daily limit was around 200,000 XP, which is the equivalent of about 2.5 Battle Pass levels. This means that past 200K XP, your XP reward rate will be reduced drastically. However, our tests have shown a much bigger cap, closer to 600,000 XP.

To test the daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative, we played a couple of different maps over the past few days. We did this on an alternate account that we only used for Creative mode. In every single test, the cap was way above 200,000 XP. In fact, one map allowed us to gain nearly a million XP in a single session.

The screenshot above shows the latest map we tested and how much XP we gained from it after 20 minutes. Eventually, we kept getting XP and crossed the 800K mark after approximately 40 minutes. Finally, we approached the 1-million mark after an hour or so. Interestingly, the XP didn’t slow down at any point. We kept getting consistent XP throughout the entire session, including a bigger boost every five minutes.

Ultimately, the daily XP cap is a little confusing to get your head around in Fortnite Creative. We’ve done our tests, but still can’t have conclusive results, as the daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative depends on many different factors.

Your best bet is to stick to a max of 400,000 XP daily. If you find a good XP map, you can reach this milestone rather quickly. However, if you keep gaining a lot of XP after this soft cap, you may as well keep playing the map and levelling up.

Daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative – FAQ

What happens when I reach the daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative?

When you reach the daily XP cap in Fortnite Creative, your XP will slow down. This means that you’ll still receive it but at a much lower rate. This is similar to Supercharged XP in Battle Royale and Zero Build modes.

Will I get banned for using Fortnite XP maps?

No, Epic Games will not ban you for using XP maps in Fortnite. However, you should only use them if you cannot play the game frequently or if you’re out of weekly challenges. XP glitches, on the other hand, can result in bans.

Can I unlock free Fortnite skins with Creative XP?

Yes, many free skins in Fortnite, including Runway Racer, require you to gain Account Levels. This process can be done in all game modes, including Fortnite Creative.

Can I earn more than 10 levels in Fortnite Creative?

You can earn more than 10 levels in Fortnite Creative. There is no cap on how many levels you can get, although you’ll achieve this much faster if you have Supercharged XP.