Warzone Vondel vs Al Mazrah and Verdansk map comparison

Warzone Vondel vs Al Mazrah and Verdansk map comparison
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The arrival of Warzone Season 4 has finally brought the new location called Vondel into the CoD battle royale mode. Now, since the Netherlands park-inspired arena is available in the game, it’s only fitting that we create a comprehensive map comparison of all the other maps that have been introduced so far to give you an idea of the differences between each one.

In this guide, we will not only be going through Vondel, Al Mazrah, and Verdansk’s map sizes, but also some of their major terrain and POI differences so you know what to expect before you start dropping into each one. If you’re wondering why we haven’t included Ashika Island, though, the reason is simply because its a Resurgence map as opposed to a full-blown Warzone map, which Vondel will eventually be. So with that out of the way, let’s get right into it.

Warzone map size comparison

Al Mazrah remains the biggest Warzone map in terms of its size, followed by Verdansk and Vondel. Although the Vondel map size is substantial in its own right, this Warzone map unsurprisingly pales in comparison to the first two since both Verdansk and Al Mazrah were both the main and only locations that players could drop into during Warzone 1 and Warzone 2’s respective launch.

In addition, Vondel can only hold up to 72 players in Resurgence (24 teams made up of three operators) and 18 players in DMZ (six teams made up of three operators). On the other hand, the Al Mazrah map can hold more as it brings in a total of 150 players for each battle royale match and 66 players for every DMZ session. Finally, Verdansk can similarly accommodate 150 players in Warzone. Unfortunately, its DMZ capacity is currently unknown as it has never been added to the CoD extraction mode.

Naturally, the smaller size of Vondel makes for a more fast-paced and exciting experience as opposed to the slow and methodical approach needed to win in Al Mazrah and Verdansk. This means most fans may opt for this map instead as quicker matches have often been appealing to a large number of players and many within the community had previously been begging the developers to bring back the faster pace that was present in the first Warzone.

Of course, each map has its own unique features and offerings that make them stand out from one another so players still often have differences of opinion when it comes to naming their favorites. Nevertheless, the varying sizes of the three Warzone maps ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your time playing the CoD battle royale mode no matter where you decide to drop.

Warzone map POI and terrain differences

Aside from the obvious geographical differences, the Vondel map is unlike any of the other previous Warzone locations because of its urban setting. The inner city environment that it features means that as you explore the map, you’ll mainly be encountering busy streets strewn with abandoned vehicles, tightly packed buildings with open rooftops, and interconnected canals where you’ll be able to engage in underwater combat.

Now, even though both Verdansk and Al Mazrah also contained a plethora of different structures and bodies of water, both of these maps weren’t located within a bustling metropolis. Instead, the Warzone 1 map was largely made up of vast grassy plains and wide open spaces in a rural setting, while the massive Warzone 2 map featured a more diverse collection of areas, exhibiting both city and country within the sprawling, arid environment of a desert.

The number of POI’s for each map also differs as Vondel is currently made up of 17 POI’s, while Al Mazrah and Verdansk contain 18 and 20 respectively. The significant areas found within the latest map addition are also mostly made up of everyday structures that you’d be able to find within a busy cultural hub. This includes establishments like the towering City Hall, the desolate Police Station, the massive Stadium, and the ever-present Mall.

Conversely, the POI’s for both Al Mazrah and Verdansk are larger and often cover a bigger plot of land. This includes iconic areas such as Al Mazrah City and Taraq Village for the former and the Military Base and Quarry for the latter.

So now that we’ve given you an idea of what the Warzone map comparison is like, we suggest hopping into one of these three maps yourself so you can experience all that they have to offer. But before you do, check out our guides on the best ranked play loadouts and best aim assist settings so you can have an even easier time fragging out.

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