Warzone 2: How To Get Building 21 Keycard – DMZ Location 

Warzone 2: How To Get Building 21 Keycard – DMZ Location 
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Warzone 2’s DMZ is already full of important locations, from Dead Drops to defensible positions. But a new point of interest is now available in the DMZ, and it’s one that has been hotly anticipated. 

Building 21 is a mysterious new Warzone 2 DMZ location that has been in the works for a while now, and players can finally gain access to the building for themselves. But in order to do so, they’ll first need a keycard. 

We’ll show you how to grab a keycard and gain access to Building 21 with our Warzone 2 DMZ guide. 

Update – Building 21 is now live and will remain open over the weekend. We’ll continue to keep this page updated with the latest information.

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Warzone 2 DMZ- Building 21 

Warzone 2 DMZ Building 21

Dedicated Warzone 2 players have had plenty of time to comb over the entirety of the Al Mazrah map. This battleground has played host to every DMZ match so far, and veterans of the game mode have a distinct information advantage over newcomers, knowing every defensible position, sniping spot, and contested zone to avoid. 

That’s all set to change with the addition of Building 21 to DMZ. This new area will keep players new and old alike on their toes as they scrabble to learn its layout and secrets and make it to exfil in time. 

Building 21 is set to be a limited-time area, so be sure to gain access as soon as possible if you want to take advantage of the building’s many opportunities to acquire loot. 

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Warzone 2: Building 21 – Getting Keycards 

DMZ Warzone 2

The most reliable ways of getting access to Building 21 Keycards are Loot Caches and Supply Drops. There’s no guarantee that either of these methods will grant you a keycard on the first try. But if you’re determined to get into the building, it’s well worth suspending your usual DMZ goals and playstyle to head out hunting loot and supplies. 

Supply Drops are the least dangerous of these two options, but the least reliable to pursue as their appearance is random. Loot Caches will require some work – often involving firefights and raiding heavily guarded areas – but can be discovered and tracked down much more reliably. 

Orange Loot Caches are the ones you’re looking for to maximize your chances of getting your hands on a keycard. 

Building 21 FAQ

Where is Building 21 DMZ? 

Building 21 is a new map that you can select in DMZ mode, but you need a Keycard to access this map. 

How To Get Building 21 Keycards DMZ? 

Building 21 Keycards can be found in Warzone 2 through Orange Loot Crate and Supply Drops.