Will there be Tears of the Kingdom DLC?

Will there be Tears of the Kingdom DLC?
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Will there be Tears of the Kingdom DLC? With most major games receiving DLC these days, fans are wondering whether the same will be said for TotK. And with a world as large as TotK’s Hyrule, it’s no surprise that people are keen to spend as much time in it as they can.

Before you start killing some brand new Tears of the Kingdom enemies, we’ve got all the info on any Tears of the Kingdom DLC, so you can focus on exploring the new Tears of the Kingdom map stress-free.

Tears of the Kingdom DLC: Zelda holding the Master Sword with a blue sky in the background.

Will Tears of the Kingdom have any DLC?

Nintendo has not yet announced any DLC for Tears of the Kingdom, and unfortunately it’s looking very unlikely it’ll get some at this point. While hopes were high when the game launched, a subsequent interview with the game’s producer pour cold water on these dreams in September of 2023.

Speaking to Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, producer Eiji Aonuma said that, as of four months after launch, no DLC for Tears of the Kingdom has been planned as the development team had felt like “we have done all we can do”. While he didn’t rule out a sequel set in the same version of Hyrule, it seems DLC isn’t likely, or if it is (given these comments came four months after launch implying work hadn’t started on any such DLC yet) fans will be waiting a long while before they see it.

Zelda games traditionally have not featured DLC, with Breath of the Wild being the first game in the series to receive post-launch content. In the months following its release, The Master Trials and The Champions’ Ballad DLC came to the game, adding in new gameplay, story elements, and items.

If TotK DLC were to follow a similar release schedule, we could expect to see the first DLC released in a few months’ time, with a second DLC following early in 2024. Of course, this is just speculation based on the BotW DLC releases, and the actual timings and number of DLC may differ.

Tears of the Kingdom DLC: Link wearing armour based on Ganondorf with mountains in the background.

BotW’s DLC featured new gameplay challenges, such as the Trial of the Sword and a new dungeon, providing more content for players to complete. They also added new items, such as armour based on other games in the series. Another major addition was Master Mode, a type of New Game Plus with more powerful enemies. Should Tears of the Kingdom receive DLC, we would expect it to feature similar types of content as the BotW DLC did.

We’re looking forward to finding out more about any Tears of the Kingdom DLC, but until then we’ll have to make do with exploring the many Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands. And if you want to know if there will be any Tears of the Kingdom dungeons, we’ve got you covered.