What graphics modes does Spider-Man 2 have?

What graphics modes does Spider-Man 2 have?
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Want to know what graphics modes Spider-Man 2 will have? In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, you will be able to choose from three graphics modes to suit whatever your taste may be.

Graphics modes are changeable at any time you want, and you have a choice between pure graphical fidelity or there is an option for those of you who want a silky-smooth framerate.

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What graphics modes will Spider-Man 2 have?

Spider-Man 2 has three graphics modes to choose from: two Performance modes and one Fidelity mode. To break them down, here are the specifics of each mode and what it does:

  • Fidelity Mode – 4K graphics at 30FPS.
  • Performance Mode 1 – 4K graphics at 60 FPS.
  • Performance Mode 2 – 4K graphics at 40FPS.

All of the graphics modes in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have ray tracing on by default and will support 120 Hz and VRR. All of this information was confirmed in a Tweet by Insomniac’s community manager. We can confirm that these graphics modes are as advertised when we played through the game.

As you might guess, the way to get the best visuals from the game is to play it in Fidelity Mode, but to do so you will sacrifice the smooth 60 FPS for a choppy 30 FPS. This might not be a huge deal to some, but swinging through NYC feels and looks better at 60 FPS to us. To simplify it, if you want the best graphics, go for Fidilety. If you want the best framerate, go for Performance mode.

That’s all you need to know about graphics settings for Spider-Man 2. If you want more, make sure you read our guides covering how to fast travel and our thoughts on how long it takes to beat Spider-Man 2.