How to Check Natures In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

How to Check Natures In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?
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One of the most exciting RPG facets in Pokemon is the Nature of Pokemon. This mechanic was introduced in the third generation of Pokemon games and has become a staple of the franchise ever since. Making a comeback in the ninth generation games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, this feature still remains a reliable source of min-maxing your Pokemon stats.

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However, for players who’ve just recently jumped on the bandwagon of Pokemon games with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the Nature feature might be confusing. That’s why, in this guide, we explain how you can check the Nature of each Pokemon in your collection and what it really signifies.

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What Does Nature Do 

Nature has been a significant game mechanic since generation three of the Pokemon games. But with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Mints were introduced, which had the power to change the effect of a Pokemon’s Nature on its stats. 

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With that said, every Pokemon has a given nature, and it basically buffs a non-HP stat by 10% and nerfs another non-HP stat by 10% as a trade-off. You can check this out by going on to your Pokemon’s stats page, where you’ll see a red arrow indicating a buff and a blue arrow indicating a nerf. 

To illustrate this, we’ve come up with a chart that summarizes every Nature in the game:

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Furthermore, every Pokemon has a like and dislike for a particular flavor that is unique to its nature. For example, a Pokemon with a Jolly Nature has its Speed Stat buffed and Sp. Attack Stat nerfed; thus, such Pokemon will enjoy something sweet and outright dislike dry food. For simplicity, have a look at this chart that shows the preferred flavor for each buffed stat:

Buffed StatPreferred Flavor
Special AttackDry
Special DefenseBitter

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Checking Pokemon’s Nature In Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon games always tend to tweak the UI to make it look unique and more presentable with the progress of each generation of games. Therefore, even the franchise veterans may need help locating all the options in the user menu, potentially missing out on important information and details.

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That said, checking the Nature of your Pokemon is pretty straightforward if you know what you’re doing. Follow the steps described next to conveniently read the summary of your Pokemon and find out its Nature:

  1. Launch either the Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet version in your Nintendo Switch
  2. Once the game boots, press X to access the Main Menu.
  3. Hover over to that particular Pokemon in your party you want to check the Nature of.
  4. Select the option that reads “Check Summary”.
  5. Once the Summary of the Pokemon pops up, there will be three tabs in your Summary screen.
  6. Navigate to the last tab that says “Memories”.
  7. The description of the Memories tab shows the Nature of the selected Pokemon highlighted in the first sentence.

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How Does Nature Affect A Pokemon?

The Nature of each Pokemon affects specific attributes that it possesses. The affected characteristics include the Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed. For example, if a Pokemon has Brave nature, it enjoys a 10% increase in Attack with a 10% debuff in its Speed. Similarly, Bold Pokemon have increased Defense with a nerf to their Attack.

In order to accurately interpret the Pokemon’s Nature and find out which stats are affected, you can refer to our Pokemon Nature Chart. Our short guide will provide you with a better understanding of the Nature feature in Pokemon games and how you can utilize it to benefit you in battles. 

Final Thoughts

We hope our guide helped you navigate through the somewhat complicated Menu Screen of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and locate the Nature of your Pokemon. The stats affected by Nature may not seem that relevant early on in the game, but when you are min-maxing your Pokemon’s attributes for specialized builds, they become incredibly viable. Be sure to check out more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guides on our page.