Payday 3 FOV slider – can you change FOV?

Payday 3 FOV slider – can you change FOV?
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Want to know if you can change the Payday 3 FOV slider? Your sightlines are arguably the most crucial aspect in an action-packed FPS with multiple moving parts, such as Starbreeze Studios’ latest creation. So naturally, players want to gain even more of an advantage by changing their field of view to cover more of their immediate area.

Of course, if you’re already satisfied with how your field of view looks, we recommend learning about the Payday 3 skills and Payday 3 best weapons instead so you can have an easier time in a heist. If you want to know more about the game’s FOV slider, though, keep reading to find out.

Can you change FOV in Payday 3?

Yes, you can change your FOV in Payday 3. The FOV slider can be adjusted from zero to 90, meaning you should be able to find a value that suits your in-game preferences. Keep in mind, though, that you may find it challenging to change your field of view once you’re in a match, so we recommend checking it first in a Payday 3 private lobby.

How to change FOV in Payday 3?

To change FOV in Payday 3, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. In the game’s main menu, select the “More” option beside “Vendors.”
  2. Then, press Settings.
  3. Afterward, head to the Video category.
  4. Scroll down until you find the option that says “Field of View.”
  5. Adjust the slider according to your preference.
  6. Save your changes.

If you want to see more of your surroundings, you will need to adjust your Field of View to a higher number. If you want to see what’s immediately in front of you, though, all you’ll need to do is bring your FOV down to a number close to or at zero. Of course, going to both extremes isn’t ideal, so we suggest settling at a number that gives you a good mix of both narrow and expansive views.

That covers all you need to know on the Payday 3 FOV slider. For more on the game, check out our guides on Payday 3 PS4 compatibility, Payday 3 Game Pass inclusion, and Payday 3 system requirements.