Overwatch 2 – How to Push the Payload

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The Payload is one of the most crucial aspects of Overwatch 2 multiplayer, serving as the focal point of game modes like Escort and Hybrid. Depending on your team’s role, you will either be attempting to push the payload to your opponent’s spawn or attempting to hold the payload back and prevent it from reaching your spawn. 

If you’re heading into Overwatch 2’s multiplayer for the first time, you’re going to need to know how to push the payload. We’ll help you out and get you ready to take the payload all the way to victory. 

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Overwatch 2- Pushing The Payload 

Overwatch 2 Push Payload
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It doesn’t take much to get the payload moving in Overwatch 2. All you need to do is have at least one member of your team in close proximity to the payload in order to push it forward. The payload’s movement requires no extra input on your part, as it will move on its own. It’s entirely possible to ride on top of the payload and let it carry you along. 

It isn’t quite as simple as the payload being an unstoppable moving force in Overwatch 2, however. Once the opposing team is close enough to be able to contest the payload, it will stop moving until all opposing team members are out of range. Do whatever you can to kill or push back your opponents if you want to keep the payload moving. 

If the enemy team gains control of the payload in Overwatch 2, it will begin to move back towards its starting point, necessitating you taking back control. Thankfully, each payload path contains multiple checkpoints. Once these checkpoints are reached, extra minutes will be added to the match timer, and the payload will be unable to be pushed back further than the most recent checkpoint. 

Once you push the payload to the enemy spawn and it is uncontested, you will have won the round in Overwatch 2. With enough practice, your opponents will barely be able to hold back your payload’s advance. 

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