NBA 2K24 – How to jump ball

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How can you cause a jump ball in NBA 2K24? The latest edition of 2K Sports’ hit basketball video game series, NBA 2K24, is out and fans are already digging into all the new features the game has to offer this year. Though a lot of areas received some big changes, NBA 2K24’s gameplay was home to some of the biggest, particularly with the new ProPLAY new-generation feature.

With NBA 2K24 out for nearly a week, fans are already eager to get some free rewards from the new locker codes the game will be home to. But while we wait for those to make their way to MyCAREER and MyTEAM, some looking to improve their defensive play might be wondering how they can cause a jump ball. And if that’s something that came to mind, then this guide will provide just what you’re looking for.

NBA 2K24

How to cause a jump ball in NBA 2K24

Initiating a jump ball in NBA 2K24 is not as straightforward as you think and mainly because there’s no exact control for it. But the best method to cause a jump ball is by calling in a Double Team.

Here’s how to call for a Double Team in NBA 2K24:

PlayStationHold L1
XboxHold LB
PCHold Tab
Nintendo SwitchHold L

Upon calling for a double team, continue to hold the corresponding control until one of your players grabs a hold of the ball. Once that occurs, a jump ball is usually granted, and you can get the ball back just like that.

Naturally, this mainly applies if you’re controlling a team on your own. If you’re attempting to initiate a jump ball in MyCAREER though, you will need your friend or a fellow teammate to run on over with you near your opponent before you can hold down the corresponding control for your player to grab the ball.

Jump balls can happen also naturally should a player attempt to drive through a lot of traffic in the paint or should there be a loose ball two players scramble for. But if you’re trying to cause a jump ball regularly, calling a double team is your best option.

The catch with calling double teams though is that the opponents with the ball can either scamper away or pass the ball to a different teammate as soon as they sense you approaching. So if you’re going to execute the double team effectively, it’s best to capitalise on tight spaces and crowded areas on the court where the ball handler might not have the space to escape your attack.

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