MW2 – How To Unlock Dual Kodachis 

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As the MW2 multiplayer scene develops, players are being given more and more tools of destruction to wield against their opponents. Top-of-the-line tools are provided to build up an endless array of deadly loadouts.  

But now, Season 2 is shaking things up and bringing in some more back-to-basics weaponry. Along with the returning Crossbow, MW2 players will be able to get their hands on the Dual Kodachis. These blades are an incredible new melee option, and we’ll show you how to get your hands on them right here. 

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MW2 Dual Kodachis 

MW2 Kodachis Unlock

The Duel Kodachis are set to be highly specialized weapons in MW2, with even more of a close-range focus than shotguns like the Expedite 12 and KV Broadside. While it’s entirely possible to tune most close-range guns into more mid-range tools, the Duel Kodachis will always require you to get up close and personal with your opponents. 

The Kodachis offer a swifter approach speed to opponents than the bog-standard knife, allowing you to quickly advance on a foe from mid-range. And their specialization is paid off through the blades’ incredible damage potential and swift attacks. If an opponent lets you get within range, they’re as good as toast. 

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MW2 – Unlocking Dual Kodachis 

Players will be relieved to know that it’s relatively simple to unlock these deadly dual blades. Progressing through MW2’s season 2 battlepass will allow you to unlock the Dual Kodachis. While season 2’s Crossbow may require additional challenges to unlock, the Kodachis will reward time put into MW2’s multiplayer. 

Dual Kodachis FAQ 

How to unlock Dual Kodachis? 

Progress through MW2’s battlepass to unlock the Kodachis for use in multiplayer. 

How to use Dual Kodachis? 

The Dual Kodachis are a pair of swift blades, a useful melee option, and an alternative to MW2’s basic knife. 

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