MTG Fallout spoilers, leaks and card list

MTG Fallout spoilers, leaks and card list
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We’re expecting the Magic: The Gathering and Fallout collaboration to see the first official reveal of its cards soon. We’ve recently seen the launch of Murders at Karlov Manor, the first new Standard set to release in 2024, and it’s been met with a fairly positive reception. However, it’s now time for the release of a set we’re (especially at VideoGamer) extraordinarily excited to see, with the potential to vamp up the best precon Commander decks.

The MTG Fallout collaboration is being revealed by Wizards of the Coast, with a first look at the cards expected in the first stream. We’re going to see spoilers and the first confirmed Fallout cards to hit Magic: The Gathering ahead of pre-orders.

Latest MTG Fallout spoilers so far

So far, there’s a total of 84 card variants confirmed by Wizards of the Coast. You can find them all in its card image gallery. We’ve collected a few of the most impressive cards below from across the Magic x Fallout collaboration:

We’ve collected as many spoilers from the MTG Fallout set here, with plenty more to come soon. As soon as more reveals are announced by Wizards of the Coast, or more leaks are found by the community, we’re going to be updating this as soon as possible.

The initial stream revealed a lot of cards, on top of the few that had already been announced.

Commander Sofia Daguerre

One of the most interesting cards revealed is Commander Sofia Daguerre, a White Legendary Creature that destroys a Legendary Permanent on arrival to the battlefield.

Nick Valentine, Private Eye

Another notable card is Nick Valentine, Private Eye.

MTG Fallout card list so far

  1. Agent Frank Horrigan
  2. Almost Perfect
  3. Alpha Deathclaw
  4. Arcane Signet
  5. Caesar, Legion’s Emperor
  6. Command Tower
  7. Crucible of Worlds
  8. Dogmeat, Ever Loyal
  9. Dr. Madison Li
  10. Feral Ghoul
  11. Forest (326)
  12. Gary Clone
  13. Idolized
  14. Intelligence Bobblehead
  15. Island (320)
  16. Island (319)
  17. Mr. House, President and CEO
  18. Mountain (324)
  19. Mountain (323)
  20. Nuka-Cola Vending Machine
  21. Overencumbered
  22. Plains (318)
  23. Plains (317)
  24. Preston Garvey, Minuteman
  25. Radstorm
  26. RadiationToken
  27. Rex, Cyber-Hound
  28. Sol Ring
  29. Swamp (322)
  30. Swamp (321)
  31. T-45 Power Armor
  32. The Wise Mothman
  33. V.A.T.S.
  34. Vault 101: Birthday Party
  35. Wasteland

So far, this is the list of confirmed MTG x Fallout cards. Wizards of the Coast has begun revealing cards in their daily live-streams, with the Scrappy Survivors decklist having been revealed most recently. We’re still waiting for full details on Science!, Hail, Caesar, and Mutant Menace.

What are the MTG Fallout spoilers dates?

We saw the first few spoilers for MTG’s Fallout collaboration with the reveal of the Scrappy Survivors decklist. For the next few days, we’re going to see the rest of the spoilers released:

Scrappy SurvivorsFebruary 20th
Hail, CaesarFebruary 21st
Science!February 22nd or 23rd
Mutant MenaceFebruary 22nd or 23rd
Full Card GalleryFebruary 24th

Which special MTG Fallout cards should I look out for?

As the full spoilers and card list is revealed, there’s going to be plenty of cards to look out for. Whether you’re a collector seeking rare foils, or you’re a competitive player looking to build a deck worthy of tournament champs, here’s a few cards you should turn your attention to:

Look out for borderless cards

Two cards with a picture of a man and a woman from MTG Fallout spoilers.

If you’re a fan of the Fallout franchise, then you’ll feel right at home with the borderless cards that recreate the HUD of the Pip Boy. The cards have an awful, ugly green that perfectly captures the nuclear Fallout vibes, and the font works similarly to remind players of the awfully digital reality of the world. ON top of that, there’s scanlines filtered over the brilliant artwork created by the Bethesda and Wizards team.

Vault Boy art

Two MTG cards featuring different characters from the Fallout universe.
Two MTG cards featuring different characters from the Fallout universe.

There’s also some incredibly bright and colorful Vault Boy card variants. These contrast the slightly murkier borderless Pip Boy cards, and are going to spruce up any deck you build in the Fallout collaboration.

That’s as much as we’ve got on the spoilers for Fallout and Magic: The Gathering’s collaboration. We’re going to be updating this article as we receive new spoilers and leaks.