MTG Fallout pre order and where to buy boosters

MTG Fallout pre order and where to buy boosters
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Here’s everything we know about pre-ordering the MTG Fallout collaboration sets, whether it’s the Play Boosters, Precon Commander decks, or more.

Magic: The Gathering has seen collaborations with major franchises over the years: Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and now Bethesda’s Fallout. The latest Universes Beyond set is going to be casting magic and sorcery in the wastelands of the Fallout universe, with Vault Boy, Preston Garvey, and radiation poisoning creeping in. As of yet, the full MTG Fallout spoilers haven’t been revealed, though pre-orders have gone live now for plenty of merchandise.

Where to pre-order MTG Fallout Boosters

As of right now, the easiest way for you to pre-order MTG Fallout boosters is to have a look on Amazon. TCGplayer is also listing pre-sale items, though it doesn’t look like they’re going to be available until closer to the release date.

Where to BuyPrice
MTG Fallout Collector Booster Box$323.99
MTG Fallout Commander Deck Bundle$180.85
MTG Fallout Commander Deck Mutant Menace$59.95
MTG Fallout Commander Deck Hail, Caesar$59.31
MTG Fallout Commander Deck Scrappy Survivors$56.44
MTG Fallout Commander Deck Science!$46.87
Magic: The Gathering Fallout Collector Booster Pack$27.00
Where to buy and pre-order MTG Fallout sets

If you pre-order MTG Fallout boosters now, they will be released on March 8th. It’s unlikely you’re after the Collector Booster Box unless you are (as the name blatantly suggests) a Collector. The likelihood is that you’re going to be seeking out the MTG Fallout precon Commander decks.

With Mutant Menace, Hail Caesar, Scrappy Survivors, and Science! to choose from, Bethesda and Wizards of the Coast have come together to create a fairly attractive mix of preconstructed decks. The Collector Booster Packs are going to be priced at $27, which is far from cheap and cost-effective. For me, picking up precon decks is always the best way to start collecting a set.

MTG Fallout Collector Booster Box

A box of MTG Fallout Collector Booster packs.






3-10 Surge Foils in each pack

Extended Art Cards


What precon MTG Fallout decks are worth buying?

Mutant Menace

The first precon is championed by The Wise Mothman, a Legendary Insect Mutant Creature. It’s summoned with Black, Green, and Blue mana, and has 3/3 stats.

✓ Amaar’s Advice

Dimir Mill

If you’re considering upgrading this deck when the time calls for it, transforming into a Dimir Mill deck could be a potent idea.

It’s a flying creature, giving you plenty of opportunity to poke at your opponents, though some of the standout abilities include the global rad counter on entry or attack. The rad counter will, I assume, function like how it does in the Fallout games, and chip away at health over time like Toxic.

It also has a secondary ability that is called when nonland cards are milled, and puts a +1/+1 counter on up to X target creatures, where X is the number of nonland cards milled.

Scrappy Survivors

Another of the preconstructed Fallout decks that I’m interested in is the Scrappy Survivors set, which introduces Dogmeat, Ever Loyal as a Legendary Creature. A Dog, obviously. Requiring Red, Green, and White Mana, the Commander has 3/3 Attack and Defence.

As far as abilities go, you can mill five on entry and then return either an Aura or Equipment card from the graveyard, while also creating Junk tokens at other times.