MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass – here’s everything we know so far

MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass – here’s everything we know so far
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Looking for information on the new MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass? You’ve come to the right place. Roughly a month since it was released worldwide, Modern Warfare 3 is now bringing players into a new season that’s filled with many new content. From weapons, operators, killstreaks and even maps, there’s a lot to take away from MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass and we’re here to take you through the details.

While we await the start of MW3 Season 1, you should go Uber our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks and learn new ways of getting XP. You can also check out our MW3 zombies tips and tricks page and go over our detailed methods on how to survive against the undead and make it out of Urzikstan alive! With that said, here’s everything we know about the MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass.

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MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Battle Pass will arrive on December 6, 2023, and from the official reveal, we can see that the Season 1 roadmap will introduce three new 6v6 maps, a 2v2 map, a new mysterious story in Zombies mode as well as an all-new Urzikstan map in Warzone.

MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass price

Activision has confirmed that the Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass will cost 1,100 CoD Points. If you don’t have enough CoD Points, you can always purchase more on your preferred platform or simply buy the complete Battle Pass offering for $29.99.

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“Throughout the Season 1 Battle Pass, BlackCell members can earn 16 unique BlackCell rewards include 10 alternate Operator Skins and six alternate Weapon Blueprints with Tracers,” Activision wrote in a blog post.

If you upgrade to BlackCell after buying the Battle Pass, you’ll also receive 1,100 Points. So if you don’t mind whipping out $30 on in-game purchases, getting the Battle Pass is a nice bet considering the exclusive items that come with it.

MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass Zombies

In MW3 Season 1, Zombies mode will be getting a huge update. The storyline progresses as, “Strike Team Operators are tasked to investigate a massive, mysterious gateway that has appeared in the Exclusion Zone.” And as an end-game content for those completing the seasonal mission, the new Dark Aether Rifts will make an appearance.

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There will also be a modified V-R11 Wonder Weapon that’ll allow you to convert enemies, whether “Zombie or Human,” into devoted allies. You can also expect to encounter, “A new category of unique acquisition schematics” that’ll test your unlocking skills.

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Worth the money

The MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass promises an immersive journey with up to 100 tiers of captivating content. From three exciting 6v6 maps to the unfolding Zombies storyline that’ll see players explore the vastness of Urzikstan. Players can expect a trove of new experiences coupled with the opportunity to earn over 1,000 CoD Points. it’s an enticing voyage that’s worth the money especially if you’re seeking a challenge.

There’s a lot of information that is not yet known about the MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass but we’ll keep this page updated as they come in. For now, you can check out our MW3 Season 1 Operators list or even go over all the new MW3 Season 1 weapons that you can use.

Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass FAQs

How long will the MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass last?

The MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass is expected to last for about two months.

How do I claim the rewards from the MW3 Season 1 Battle Pass?

As you progress through the Battle Pass, you will unlock new tiers and each tier contains a variety of rewards to claim.