Hideo Kojima whet our appetites for The Phantom Pain with the release of Ground Zeroes early in 2014, a small snippet of what's to come. We were given the freedom to explore a blacksite prison camp which, after rescuing two captives, turned into our own little playground with so many hidden secrets to discover.

Our guide not only give you a step by step account of every nook and cranny of the main mission, but shows you how to speedrun it in less than ten minutes via our video walkthrough. Following our guide guarantees an S rank, as it is also a zero kills run.

The story of Ground Zeroes serves as an excellent prequel to 2015's The Phantom Pain, which looks set to be one of the biggest games of next year. With so many questions, it'll be interesting to see how series mastermind Kojima goes about bringing us the final answers.

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