How to strip the ball in Madden 24

How to strip the ball in Madden 24
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The newest edition of the Madden video game series is here, and fans are slowly starting to revisit important aspects of the game, including how to strip the ball in Madden 24. When playing defense in Madden, forcing turnovers is vital to your success, be they interceptions or fumbles.

With the Madden 24 release date upon us, the excitement level among the community is starting to pick up, with many itching to try out the new gameplay this latest edition has to offer. Seeing the new Madden 24 player ratings are already live, fans have a good sense for which stars they will have the best success with when forcing fumbles. But executing forced fumbles is a whole different matter, which is where this Madden 24 how to strip the ball guide will come in handy.

Madden 24 how to strip

Here’s how to strip the ball in Madden 24 with the following button presses:

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4Press R1 button
Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OnePress RB button
PCPress Space Bar

The first tip to adhere to when attempting to strip the ball from the ball carrier in Madden 24, comes down to timing. Whether you’re chasing after a player from behind or aiming to complete your tackle from the front, it’s vital you time your strip move properly in order to give yourself the best chance to rip the ball free. And the largest windows of opportunity will be when you are just closing in on the opponent you’re trying to strip the ball from, or are a part of a big group tackle.

In addition, some offensive players will be harder to force fumbles from than others. In other words, stripping the ball out from the quarterback’s hands will be much easier than doing so to a running back that can shield and protect the ball much better. As a result, we recommend you review the carrying ratings for the offensive players you’re facing before attempting a major move like this. This will grant you a better idea of how difficult it will be to strip the ball from certain players when you go up against them.

X Factors matter here, too. Some offensive players have X-Factors or Superstar abilities that almost prevent fumbling. On defense, players can have similar abilities that improve their forced fumble chances. Be aware of these when you’re trying a strip.

Furthermore, it is vital to try this with a defender in the right situation. Pressing the button can fail and allow for a big play, much like using the hit stick can lead to a missed tackle. This usually allows the runner to get a lot more yardage and potentially flip momentum in the game. For that reason, we advise doing it with backup. In a one-on-one situation, the strip attempt is not advised as it is a high risk play.

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Additionally, it is ill-advised to try this play on the sideline. The odds of forcing a fumble are low. If you do happen to pull it off there, the chances that the ball stays in bounds for you to recover are slim. This is a defensive tactic best-suited for open field with space for the ball to bounce around.

Finally, you can make coaching changes so your defensive AI will try this move. Do this by heading to coaching settings in any game mode. There, you can change strip tactics to aggressive. This will influence everyone, from a lineman to a safety, to try this move. Only do this when you desperately need a turnover, though. We recommend trying the strip when QBs are running the ball (or still in the pocket), as they are more prone to fumbling. There are no tricks to making this move a guarantee, so there’s nothing you can do besides input the command and hope the offense fumbles the ball.

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