How to juke in Madden 24 – Our guide to making defenders look silly

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Wondering how to juke in Madden 24? Then you have come to the right place! Another year of NFL action awaits following the release of the latest EA Sports American football title, so let’s get stuck in!

However, if you’re looking to pick up those extra yards post-catch, or if you prefer to unleash the run plays on your opposition, then you’re going to want to learn how to effectively juke the defense.

Here is everything you need to know about how to juke in Madden 24.

How to Juke in Madden 24

For those who aren’t aware, juking – also known as sidestepping – is a form of evasion used by the ball carrier to avoid being tackled by the defense. Juking is massively important in Madden 24, as an effective juke can lead to large gains on the play.

Not every ball carrier can juke effectively though, so it is worth checking the juke move ratings of your offence prior to entering a match in order to give you the best chance of successfully running the ball. The most effective juke moves can be found with those whose game is centred around speed and agility, rather than brute strength. For example, Tyreek Hill of the Miami Dolphins. 

With that in mind, Christian McCaffrey would be better at juking a defender than Derrick Henry, for example. If you’re using someone like Henry, a truck or stiff-arm would do the trick better.

The controls for juking haven’t changed since Madden 23. All you need to do in order to attempt a juke is flick your right analogue stick either left or right whilst running with the ball. 

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Flicking the analogue stick down will see your ball carrier attempt a dead leg juke. Flicking it from side to side will juke the ball carrier in that direction. If you want to go around the left side of the defender, try flicking it in that direction. Flicking forward will truck, so that’s not going to be a useful juke in many situations.

That is everything that you need to know about how to juke in Madden 24. There are a number of different elements to success when it comes to offence. If you’re looking to throw those Hail Marys, then you can do so by learning how to throw the ball high here.

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