How old is König in MW2 and what is his height? – here’s what we know

How old is König in MW2 and what is his height? – here’s what we know
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Wondering how old is König in MW2? We’ve got an answer for you. To start off, König is an Operator of the KorTac faction featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2. 

He’s one of the most used operator skin in the game since the release of MW2. Speaking of operator skins, be sure to check out all the new The Boys bundles in MW3 Season 1 Reloaded. For now, let’s talk about König’s age and height in MW2 and MW3.

How old is König in MW2

König’s age is not explicitly stated in MW2, but he is implied to be in his early 30s. 

Despite suffering from severe social anxiety and being bullied during his childhood, König volunteered for the military at the age of 17. Also, König’s height is not officially stated in MW2 multiplayer, leaving every fan to take their best guesses at the scary looking operator’s height.

Although he aspired to be a recon sniper, his large stature and inability to remain motionless made him ineligible. He was later assigned as an insertion specialist, where he served as a battering ram to break down doors in hostile environments.

König led a mission to take down an Al-Qatala cell in Berlin that was involved in human trafficking. He and his team breached the townhouse and eliminated all twelve AQ fighters. The Urzik hostages were terrified by König’s sniper hood, but the rest of the team convinced them that he was on their side. 

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The KorTac soldier is only available to use as an operator skin in MW2 and is not available in any of the game’s campaigns. And although we’ve mentioned that König might be in his 30s, it’s also possible for the character to be older or younger. 

Activision did not provide any concrete information about his age, so it is ultimately up to the player’s interpretation. König has made appearances in the CoD franchise and remains to be one of the game’s most popular operators to use in multiplayer and Warzone.

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A lone wolf

If you’re looking for a mysterious and intimidating Operator in MW3, Konig is your man. With his signature skull mask and tactical gear, Konig is the definition of a force to be reckoned with. He’s an expert sniper who’s also good in close-quarters combat, making him a valuable asset on any team. But be warned – his ruthless efficiency and intimidating presence may make him a bit of a lone wolf. Whether you’re playing as him or alongside him, Konig is sure to brinqg an extra edge to your gameplay.

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König operator FAQs

Is König available in MW3?

Yes, you can use König in Modern Warfare 3 by unlocking him amongst the list of operators in the game.

What exactly is König’s specialty?

If you enjoy using snipers, then König is a fantastic is a fantastic operator choice as he’s one of the best snipers to use in the game.