Is Lego 2K Drive split screen?

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Given the genre’s reputation, it’s not surprising that plenty of players are asking: is Lego 2K Drive split screen? While the feature isn’t as common anymore as it was during the earlier eras of gaming, games designed with multiple friends on a couch in mind often still include ways to make local PvP accessible.

For consoles in particular, split screen is a mainstay in fighting, co-op, and racing games. And with Lego 2K Drive set to come out on a host of platforms it’s fair to ask whether or not the game will be keeping the trend alive. If you’re wondering about those last-gen consoles and want to know is Lego 2K Drive on PS4 and Xbox One, we’ve got that covered for you.

Is Lego 2K Drive split screen: A split screen screenshot of two lego cars racing.

Does Lego 2K Drive have split screen?

Lego 2K Drive has split screen capabilities across all platforms for local couch multiplayer. Split-screen will support up to two players racing on the same device at one time. You’ll be able to play local multiplayer Story, Cup Series, and Race modes using two controllers and one screen. If you’re on Switch, you’ll also be able to link up for Local Play using two devices on the same wireless connection.

In addition to this local PvP/ Co-op mode, Lego 2K Drive will also have two additional multiplayer modes. Shared World mode will allow you to play online with up to six friends at once, showing off your best (or worst) vehicle designs to those who will really appreciate it. Play with Everyone mode, meanwhile, will allow you to race online with the wider community, hopping into games with random online players around the world. The Lego 2K Drive crossplay options should ensure a smooth and accessible multiplayer experience, provided the controversial use of Denuvo anti-cheat software doesn’t derail it.

With a plethora of multiplayer features supporting the experience, there’s plenty of chance for Lego 2K Drive to be a smash hit. Keep your eyes on VideoGamer for more Lego 2K Drive guides as we get closer to launch.

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