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Is Hogwarts Legacy crossplay?

Hogwarts Legacy
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Whether it’s exploring Hogwarts with your friends or fighting them off in intense wizarding battles, what better way to do that in Hogwarts Legacy than by playing multiplayer?

With the dreams of multiplayer gameplay, many Potterheads have also started questioning whether Hogwarts Legacy will support crossplay or not. Well, let’s dive deeper and dissect the answer to this question!

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Is Hogwarts Legacy Crossplay?

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy does not support crossplay. This is because the game is intended to be a single-player experience without any multiplayer or online co-op.

With that said, the game will still be available on all the platforms listed above, but the players will not be able to interact with other players even if they are on the same platform. 


Furthermore, the game also does not support cross-progression (for now), so players will have to continue playing the game on one system once they have started, and their progress will not be valid for any other console.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Cross-Platform?

Due to the single-player nature of the game, Hogwarts Legacy will not support any type of cross-platform interactions.

The possibility of being able to save and play the game from one platform to another is also unlikely, as Avalanche Studios, the game’s developers, have not yet confirmed whether save files can be used on different systems.

Hogwarts Legacy Cross play FAQ

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Cross Gen?

As mentioned in the article – unfortunately Hogwarts Legacy will not be cross-gen or have any type of crossplay enabled in the game as for when the game launches.

Will Hogwarts be crossplay?

Unfortunately – no, there has been no confirmed news around crossplay being enabled on the game, so you can’t progress yet.

Hogwarts Legacy

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10 February 2023