How to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive

How to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive
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Wondering how to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive? If you’ve been racing or exploring for long enough, you’ll no doubt have encountered weeds at some point in your journey. These small Lego constructs can slow your vehicle down and latch onto your tyres, which is incredibly frustrating.

In this guide, we’ll cover how to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive, so you can get back to racing with your Creations online, completing story missions, or just exploring the many Lego 2K Drive maps and regions.

How to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive: A popup explaining what weeds are and how to mow them in-game.

How to get rid of weeds in Lego 2K Drive

The only way to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive is with the Weed Chopper Lawn Mower vehicle. While you can simply avoid them, the only way to destroy weeds and remove them is to use any vehicle that has a lawnmower attachment, of which there is only one at the time of writing.

This type of attachment will cut through weeds without impeding your car’s speed. Even better, when cut down, weeds will then be replaced with lego crystal plants. Running these plants over will rapidly recharge your speed boost and repair your vehicle, making them a boon to have during a race.

It’s also worth noting that if you mow down weeds and turn them into crystals during open-world exploration, these changes will carry over into any of the various races that pass through that location, granting a useful advantage during competitions.

How to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive: A patch of crystal plants that have replaced the weeds previously in the space.

How to get the Weed Chopper in Lego 2K Drive

To get your hands on the lawnmower vehicle, you’ll need to complete a side quest. Appearing early into the game, this quest is called Weed Wrangling. Head to the location we’ve gone to on the map in Big Butte County below to begin.

How to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive: A map showing the side-quest location.

Once you arrive, you’ll find a Lego alien figurine. Interact with him and he’ll explain that he needs your help in mowing down the patch of weeds behind him.

This is a time-based mission, so you’ll want to complete it as fast as possible. If you’re having trouble, remember that you can tap or hold space to perform a quick turn, and reorient your vehicle much faster, saving you valuable seconds.

When you complete the quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Weed Chopper 5000, the same vehicle you just used in the side quest to tear through weeds.

Press escape and click on the loadout button, then off-road vehicles. From here you’ll be able to equip the Weed Chopper 5000 into your current loadout, arming you with the tools you’ll need to remove weeds in Lego 2K Drive.

Though not currently the case, perhaps you’ll be able to build your own vehicles with lawnmower attachments in the future, so make sure you’ve got all your garage locations unlocked to save yourself some time when you’re ready to start building. Alternatively, if you’re all about multiplayer and wondering if Lego 2K Drive is on PS4 and Xbox One, or if Lego 2K Drive is crossplay, we’ve got the answers to both those questions covered for you.