How to Make Paper in Minecraft

How to Make Paper in Minecraft
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Paper is an important resource in Minecraft. You can use it to either make books for enchanting purposes or craft fireworks to use with an Elytra. Let’s see how to make paper in Minecraft in three ways!

Three ways to make paper in Minecraft

#1 By Crafting

The simplest way to make paper in Minecraft is by crafting. Specifically, by using 3 sugarcanes and putting them in a row on the crafting table to craft 3 paper.

Sugarcane is a green, thin, and tall plant that grows adjacent to any water source block. You can find sugarcane in most Minecraft biomes, but it’s recommended to look for sugarcane in swamp and desert biomes since they have a double chance and sextuple chance to spawn respectively.

Additionally, you can trade 1 emerald with the Wandering Trader for sugarcane.

#2 By Looting Chests

You can find 1-12 paper items in looted chests in generated structures such as shipwrecks, strongholds, and villages. Chests in these structures have a pretty high chance (40%+) to contain paper so this is also a good way to find paper in Minecraft.

#3 By Successfully Defending the Village from the Raid

After successfully defeating the raid event, you will achieve the Hero of the Village status, which will make the villagers celebrate and throw random items at you.

While there are 15 different villager types, only the Cartographer can give you a single piece of paper with a 50% chance. With a super low chance and the danger from the raid event, we list this as a backup method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make paper out of wood Minecraft?

Even though wood is the primary material to make paper in real life, you can’t use wood to make paper in Minecraft!

Can you turn bamboo into paper in Minecraft?

Bamboo can only be used to craft sticks in Minecraft. Two bamboo will give you one stick and not paper.

Is sugarcane the only way to make paper in Minecraft?

In short, no! Sugarcane is the most efficient way to make paper in Minecraft. Besides that, looting chests or asking for your friends on a server is also a good option.