How to Make a Map in Minecraft

How to Make a Map in Minecraft
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A map is a handy item that can be used to visualize the terrain and structures in Minecraft. You can use it to track particular objects or decorate your room. And in today’s article, let’s see how to make a map in Minecraft!

3 steps to make a Map in Minecraft

#1 Obtain 8 Paper

You can get paper in Minecraft by putting 3 sugar canes in a row on the crafting table. For each crafting recipe, you will receive 3 paper. Sugar cane is easy to farm and automate so it’s really easy to make a large amount of paper in Minecraft.

You also want to go around to look for sugar canes because they can only grow near any water source and spawn in certain biomes. While looking for them, there is a small chance you will come across other structures like shipwrecks, strongholds, or villages. They have chests containing some paper (up to 12) so it’s also a good idea to find paper this way.

If you play Minecraft in Bedrock Edition, you will need 9 paper to craft a map.

#2 Craft 1 Compass

This step is optional in Bedrock Edition, so skip to step 3. Otherwise, if you’re playing in Java Edition, you need to obtain 1 compass. It can be crafted with the recipe below using 4 iron ingots and 1 Redstone dust.

Librarian villagers with expert levels can sell a compass for 4 emeralds. So you can find some (or use a Lectern to turn unemployed villagers into librarians) and trade with them until they reach the final level.

Like other items, you can find a compass in some structures like ancient cities, shipwrecks, strongholds, and villages. They have a small to medium chance to contain only 1 compass so crafting one is a better solution!

#3 Make a Map

When you have all the materials (either 9 paper or 8 paper and 1 compass), right-click on any crating table and put a compass in the middle grid. Then fill other grids with paper to craft 1 map.

In Bedrock Edition, you need to replace a compass with another piece of paper to craft 1 empty map.

Other Ways to Get a Map in Minecraft

Another cheaper way to get maps in Minecraft is to use a cartography table. You can get a map for each paper you use, not 8 or 9 like before (only in Bedrock Edition). And to craft a cartography table, you only need 4 wooden planks and 2 paper. That’s not even half the paper compared to the original recipe!

Cartographer villagers can also sell a map with 7 emeralds. A little bit expensive but it won’t be a big problem if you have a villager trading hall set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a big map in Minecraft?

You can craft a lot of item frames and place them anywhere you like, then place the maps on them to create a large overview map throughout your area. Or you can combine a map with paper in the cartography table to zoom out the map. This will make a big map in Minecraft!

How do I make an empty map?

You can make an empty map using the recipes above. Because every map obtained by crafting is an empty map/ Unless you put it in the hot bar and right-click since this will create a map of the area you’re currently standing in.